Coming to light – the brutality of the last days of the Daffy Duck regime

Whilst there are reports of the opposition forces having committed atrocities, none of those reports have been backed up with solid evidence. Once that happens, then I will be happy to blog about those particular atrocities. In the meantime, there is plenty of fresh evidence regarding the brutality of the Gadhafi regime, especially of the Khamis Brigade, as well as the brigades run by females.

There are several sites where bodies have been found. To date there is no clear picture regarding the number of people who have died. It is true that the death toll is mounting, but it must be emphasized that this mounting death toll is due to the actions of Gadhafi and his goons.

At one location more than 50 charred bodies have been found in a warehouse. The Khamis brigade had kept these people prisoner, and at the end, they threw in hand grenades, shot them, and then set fire to their bodies. Some people managed to escape and raise the alarm.

This particular scene was repeated at the Abu Salim prison compound where prisoners were given the same treatment prior to their guards fleeing. At least another 100 were killed at Abu Salim.

Then there were those who were left to die at the emergency clinic in the Abu Salim neighbourhood. The death toll at this location is uncertain, but it is at least 100 people who were left to die with no comfort or anything for their wounds.

In one neigbourhood where the snipers were let loose, a little girl aged about 10 was shot in the head inside her home. Her mother was shot in the shoulder as she rushed to aid her daughter. In another location two young boys were killed. Then there is the story of the boy that was wounded, whilst his mother and brother were killed inside of their car by snipers. 

On the other hand, there are the people that were found in a tent that was located on a roundabout close to the Gadhafi compound. They had been killed and burnt. It is not clear who killed these Gadhafi supporters.

I have yet to see any confirmed reports of alleged atrocities in the western mountains related to the opposition forces, although I have heard about accusations. However, if there is solid evidence then I will report on those atrocities. In the mean time I am not going to engage in the useful idiot game of backing Gadhafi’s claims about the opposition forces. There are simply too many people involved and they cannot all be associated with Al Qaeda.

In the days to come there will be more stories about the brutality of this particular war. The situation is not over and it will not be over until the Gadhafi family have been captured. In the meantime, the rebels have their hands full with their own prisoners, and they need to be careful about how they treat those who have been captured.  Some of their prisoners are just teenagers who believed the Gadhafi lies, but there are others who were forced into a situation that was beyond their control.



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