Will they or won’t they?

A spokesman has stated that the rebels will not give up Meghari for extradition to either the USA or to the UK. In some respects I agree with their reasoning. He was tried and convicted, and he spent time in prison. It has always been the case that in such circumstances a person cannot be tried twice.

However, there is a need for the opposition to show good faith by handing over the people who have been named as responsible for the death of pc Yvonne Fletcher. In this case, we have a crime where no one has been tried and convicted. They know who is responsible for the action. The man had in fact been firing upon the Libyan dissidents outside of the Libyan Embassy in London. The man who fired the gun that killed Fletcher should be brought to justice.

This leaves open the question, will they turn over to the UK the person who has been named as her killer, and the people who were in the room and gave the command to fire?



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