The nine lives of Khamis Gadhafi

As every cat knows, those 9 lives soon run out!!  In this case I have seen at least 3 reports on the death of Khamis Gadhafi. The first one, was the rumour that a pilot had crashed into the Gadhafi compound near a command and control centre and that Khamis had been killed. That report was considered to be false from the start. The next report came from Zlitan where rebels claimed that Khamis had died in a building that had been bombed by NATO. Well, it looks like that report was not true.

The latest report on the amazing lives and deaths of Khamis Gadhafi has been reported by the BBC, and now the rebels are claiming that Khamis was killed in a battle near Bani Walid. They claim that his body is being buried at Zlitan.

Khamis and Mutassim are the most brutal of the Gadhafi sons. The massacre at the Khamis Brigade headquarters in Tripoli has all the hallmarks of the Gadhafi brutality and lack of concern for the citizens of Libya. When this conflict ends the generals in the Khamis Brigade need to be amongst the first to face justice for the outrage that they have committed. This was a massacre that has been repeated in other parts of Tripoli.


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