Death of Khamis Gadhafi has more or less been confirmed

It really does look like the nine lives of Khamis Gadhafi have run out. It looks like 3rd time lucky with regard to the reports on his alleged death. It is claimed that the son of Senussi, Mohammed Senussi was in the same vehicle and died alongside Khamis.

For the past week I had seen reports that suggested that Khamis had died outside of Bani Walid when the vehicle that he occupied was struck by opposition missiles. The vehicle itself was an armoured landcruiser, but it was engulfed by fire.

The opposition provided a young witness (a boy of about 17) who had been assigned to the Khamis brigade and who was a part of the convoy. The young lad was wounded and fell from his vehicle, thus becoming a prisoner. He is one of the witnesses that stated that Khamis was in the destroyed vehicle.

Khamis was a very bad egg, and what he did to Misrata was disgusting. It is just that he has died in this manner, and it is just that Senussi’s son died along with him.

Now we need to hear that Mutassim Gadhafi is also dead. Mutassim is another bad egg who had been conducting the operations against Brega. He is much worse than Saif al-Islam.



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