I did not understand the rendition policy until now

Although I am suspicious of Human Rights Watch because it appears to be a very left-wing organization, I am still shocked over the details that they have revealed about the policy of rendition that was carried out in the aftermath of the attack on the twin towers in New York. What has come to light in Libya sheds some light on a policy that was really horrific, and in this case I am surprised that the subject of the rendition actually survived.

The man in question is Mr Belhaj, who was the leader of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group. Mr. Belhaj is now the man in control of military operations in Tripoli. Knowing that he was a member of this Islamist organization should make me feel queasy, yet I do not feel that way. Rather, I am queasy about the fact that this man who was seeking asylum in the UK but was found in Malaysia and then handed over to Libyan authorities was tortured during the 4 years that he spent in Abu Salim prison.

At this point in time I would like to know more about this group and its links to Al Qaeda. I suspect that the group is a mixture of people who believe in the world wide jihad, as well as those who wanted experience as mercenaries. I also suspect that their prime motivation was getting rid of Gadhafi. From what Mr. Belhaj has stated he seems to be of the dissident group that wanted to get rid of Gadhafi.

What we need to understand, I think, is that we do not know a lot about how Gadhafi had repressed the people of Libya for almost 42 years. We were oblivious to a number of things happening in that country, including the fact that Gadhafi had placed himself on a pedestal proclaiming himself to be an equal to God. This seems to be the gist of the reasoning behind the people stating that there “God is greatest, because they were saying that Gadhafi is not as great as God. I believe that this is something that is quite misunderstood in this particular instance.

It is difficult to not feel queasy about the background of Belhaj. There are many questions to be asked with regard to whether or not he has renounced any idea of violence towards the west. The revelation that has been made, I believe could have a devastating effect upon this man, causing him to change in a dramatic way, especially if he has not been straight when he said that he had forgiven the west for what had happened to him. If he is telling the truth then his sole motive had been to get rid of Gadhafi.

I think what shocks me the most is the duplicity of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, especially in their sucking up to Moammar Gadhafi. It seems that the motivation was getting hold of the oil in Libya for BP, no matter what the cost, but more sickening I think is the fact that the MI6 was used to train the Khamis Brigade in their tactics. Considering everything that has taken place, especially the siege of Misrata I think that the revelation is shocking and quite damaging.

The duplicity does not end with just the British, or the involvement with the CIA. Whilst I knew that Iran was supplying weapons to Gadhafi since the arms embargo was put in place, I did not know that China had been negotiating to supply weapons as late as July. However, I should not be surprised about this fact, since China had been hostile towards the NATO action.

What I do not understand is why people are getting in a snit because Iran supplied humanitarian aid to Benghazi in the form of medicine and food, but they do not get in a snit when Iran was found to be supplying weapons to Gadhafi.  These are the same people who are freaking out because Belhaj is military leader in Tripoli, and he is an Islamist who belonged to an organization that had been banned. Yet, they do not get in a snit about the atrocities committed by Gadhafi!!

The Libyan dissidents have quite a bit in common with the Iranian protesters, at least the one thing in common is that they believe that God is greater than any earthly ruler. In Iran’s case, their Ayatollah Khamenei also equates himself to God, and will quite often claim that he is speaking for God. This is, of course, quite delusional. On top of this, the Iranian leadership seems to want to bring on Armageddon via what they claim to be the arrival of the Mahdi. I need to comment here that the Libyan monarch Idris had Mahdi as part of this name, but Idris never proclaimed himself to be the Mahdi, but it seems to be a common thread amongst followers of Islam, and in particular amongst the Shia – yet Libyans are not Shia.

The real cause for concern, as far as I am concerned is the nature of the weapons that have been abandoned by the regime soldiers. In one instance a scud missile was abandoned, complete with the missile launchers. There are weapons that could fall into the wrong hands. However, I question whether it will happen because of the opposition forces or whether it will happen because the regime soldiers have abandoned their positions. In other words, if those soldiers were willing to sell their guns on the street prior to the fall of Tripoli, why would they not consider selling their weapons on the black market?

I have other questions about some of the stories that are now making the rounds. These questions include the claims being made by Africans about the opposition forces coming to their camps and raping their women. I have a suspicion that the stories are not true, and that these Africans are indeed Gadhafi supporters… they were invited to become citizens by Gadhafi and until the last they supported Gadhafi. On the other hand there is indeed evidence that people of African origin also played a role in the downfall of Gadhafi, and thus it would seem that any suspicion towards this group might be well founded, if and when they are caught in their own lies.

I am not saying that the opposition forces are perfect. If there is in fact anything like what is being claimed going on, then those responsible need to be punished. What I am saying is that I am not sure that these Africans can be believed. It is just a hunch about their lack of trustworthiness.



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