Khamis the cat

There had been some very credible reports indicating that Khamis Gadhafi had been killed outside of Bani Walid, more than 2 weeks ago. These reports had indicated that he had been buried!!  It was believed that he was inside an armoured vehicle that had been the subject of a rocket attack by opposition forces. A diary that had been the property of a reporter was used by Khamis to plot military actions had been found in the vehicle. It was also believed that the son of General al-Senoussi was killed alongside of Khamis.

Now it seems that reporters have revived Khamis once again, and like a cat, it seems that Khamis has 9 lives!!  The first two reports on the death of Khamis were unsubstantiated, especially the one that claimed that he had been killed by a pilot doing a kamakazi run at the Gadhafi compound.

We now have credible reports that Saadi has escaped into Niger (this is not unexpected) but there are no reports on the whereabouts of Muttassim and Saif-al Islam who is wanted by the ICC and Interpol.

Are these reporters wrong? Is it Khamis who is still at large? Was he or was he not killed in that armoured vehicle outside of Bani Walid? Or is it Muttassim who is leading the Khamis brigade?


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