Egypt – Intolerance means death for the Coptic Christians

I am not going to beat about the bush here, because from the time that the protests erupted in Egypt I considered the situation to be quite dangerous. The Coptic Christians in Egypt were foolish to have trusted and joined with Muslims in the ousting of Hosni Muburak. Just like in the other Arab countries where there have been a series of protests, it is not possible to work out precisely who is behind them.

What is more, I think that people who think that Egypt will turn into a democratic country in the way that we understand democracy are fooling themselves. It is not going to happen. One only has to look at the groups involved, and especially the increasing hostility towards Coptic Christians and Jews since the outbreak of protests to see that the outcome for anyone who is not a Muslim is not going to be very good.

The Islamists were allowed to sack and destroy the Israeli Embassy. Muslims have some extremely weird ideas about their Jewish Israeli neighbours. Many peole are totally unaware that they are being told lies about the people of Israel. They are told those lies in order to prevent people from seeking out the truth. The Christian Coptics in Egypt have it far worse than even the Jews.

The latest outbreak has seen at least 26 Coptic Christians being killed by the armed forces. The violence of the confrontation was deliberate. It is not the first time that there has been violence and deaths over the past months since the protests in Tahrir Square. The Coptic Christians will never be allowed to build or rebuild their churches. It is all about Islamic control and they are nothing more than second class citizens in Egypt. The Islamists remain their mortal enemy.



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