The Libyan Dictator and RAT is dead

At last, this morning I heard the news that I have been praying to hear since the beginning of the revolution in Libya – Moammar Gadhafi is dead. The similarity of his capture to that of Saddam Hussein is indeed quite eerie. The Libyan people are to be congratulated because they achieved what the Iraqi people could not achieve on their own. It is an end to a most brutal dictatorship.

The capture of Sirte seemed to have been a very long drawn out affair. The brutality as it was revealed was breath-taking. There are people who have been critical of the now government forces, that they had retaliated against those who had been very willing to kill them, and yes there were cases of that form of revenge, but nothing quite like the brutality meted out by Gadhafi to his own people. As a typical example of that brutality, the bodies of at least 30 pro-government people were found bound by tape as they were captured and executed by the Loyalists obviously under the direction of Gadhafi. As people managed to escape the city the harrowing tales began and amongst those was the story that the Loyalists had slashed the tyres of the cars of the civilian population so that they could not escape. Instead, they were left to suffer whilst Gadhafi held their town hostage.

There are many reports on the death of Gadhafi and there are pictures to be seen of his bloodied body. The scene that went down was the following: a convoy of cars began to accumulate on the outskirts of Sirte. This convoy was seen by two French jets, and I believe that they shot at the convoy. The occupants scattered, and the French NATO jets left the Libyan government troops to take care of those who were in the convoy. Gadhafi was found by these men in a drain. He was shot and they loaded him on a truck, but he tried to escape. He was shot and killed, and then the body was taken by ambulance to Misrata.

It has been confirmed that Muttassim Gadhafi has met the same fate as his father. Once again, it is good riddance to an extraordinarily brutal man. The people of Las Ranuf must be relieved to know that Muttassim is dead. The fate of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi is less certain. There are conflicting reports that he is dead or that he was wounded and taken to Tripoli.

Amongst those captured was Moussa Ibrahim, the Baghdad Bob wannabe. Moussa Ibrahim Gadhafi had remained the spokesman and front person for the regime, and he will deserve his coming fate – hopefully it will just be time in prison. He is, of course a known liar.



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