Assad Regime uses the Gadhafi form of propaganda

Whilst it is in fact true that there are foreigners in Syria, (I do think that this could have been avoided), the allegations within a letter sent to the UN is patently false. Assad is now using the same kind of propaganda that was used by the Gadhafi regime when that regime began its attempt to shell Benghazi. The claim is set out in a letter to the UN where Syria is stating that the rebels are being funded by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, and that it is the rebels who are holding the people hostage, and using them as human shields.

The report that I have just read points to another truth (not about the funding, because it is more than likely that Turkey at least is supplying arms to the Syrian Free Army), that it is government troops who are shelling districts where there are rebel strongholds. If these people were being held as human shields by the rebels, then they would not be able to get into any kind of vehicle and flee into surrounding villages, or across the border into Turkey. The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is lying about the reality of the situation.

In the meantime, there is further evidence that the Syrian regime might be on the verge of collapse as more diplomats are defecting. The latest is a minor diplomat in the Syrian embassy in London. The pattern for defections is now set… and I expect that in the coming months there will be further defections as many of these Syrians will not be able to stomach the actions of the regime.

Innocent women and children have been killed at the hands of the Assad regime. One man lost his wife and son in an attack upon their home, and his daughter has lost the use of her eye.  Syrians are fleeing and crossing over, not just into Turkey, but also Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

The diplomat defections have just begun, but already more than 20 generals have crossed the border into Turkey and have joined the SFA.


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