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Libya – Did you know that Iran was backing Gadhafi?

I saw this article at the American Thinker, which indicates that Western intelligence has learned that the stink of the Grand Pooh-Bah (Grand Satan) Khamenei has been stirring the pot in Libya. He is backing Gadhafi. Thanks to the stupidity … Continue reading

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Syrian authorities attempt to whitewash death of Hamza

Call me a person who is very cynical when it comes to the propaganda that comes from any Middle East regime. The parents of Hamza said that he had marks on his body that indicate that he was tortured and … Continue reading

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Lebanese troops fire on IAF jets – are we heading towards another war?

  Officials: Lebanese troops fired on IAF jets – Israel News, Ynetnews I bet the MSM will remain quiet over the fact that Lebanese troops, (probably ones not loyal to the government but to Nasrallah) fired upon Israeli aircraft doing … Continue reading

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Pulling the strings of the Dhimmicrats

I have to admit that Dr. Sanity never ceases to amaze when it comes to some of the really great articles that she finds, and this one is no exception. Now I am not an American, but that does not … Continue reading

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More thoughts from Dr. Sanity

I have more than 30 articles from the Dr. Sanity blog that I have earmarked for further reading. The reason that I like her blog is that she has a way of writing her thoughts in a very clear and … Continue reading

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