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Syrian authorities attempt to whitewash death of Hamza

Call me a person who is very cynical when it comes to the propaganda that comes from any Middle East regime. The parents of Hamza said that he had marks on his body that indicate that he was tortured and … Continue reading

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Guess who might be considering profiling at airports despite cries from the usual suspects.

Here is yet another informative article in Der Spiegel regarding airport security. This one is quite surprising, yet it shows that at least some Germans do get it: that lining up innocent people, making them remove shoes for no good … Continue reading

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Thwarting Terrorism the English way–Proactive vs. Reactive pt. 3

In the UK twelve people from different ethnic backgrounds were arrested on the grounds that they were planning a terrorist strike. You can read about the story here. The potential targets included: the American Embassy; Big Ben; Westminster Abbey; the … Continue reading

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How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

CNN reports that 11 would be terrorists have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Belgium. Were these would be terrorists caught as they went through security at some obscure airport in the USA? No!!!  The TSA has not … Continue reading

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What is the best way to respond to threats of terrorism? Reactive vs.. Proactive part 1

The threat of terrorism has been around for a very long time. In the 1960s we had a spate of hijackings and aircraft being blown up, and in the end this activity was the death-knell of Pan Am. In the … Continue reading

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Who killed Roger Rabbit? er no…. Hariri?

Hezbollah chief: Members summoned in Hariri’s case | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment The never ending case of Mr. Hariri continues to be an unsolved crime. I am not sure what kind of game that … Continue reading

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UN Suspends Aid in Gaza – Hamas caught stealing again

The UN aid agency in Gaza has announced that it has suspended all aid shipments, accusing Hamas of seizing supplies of food. The shipment consisted of ten lorries carrying flour and rice, which were taken from the Palestinian side of … Continue reading

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