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UN Suspends Aid in Gaza – Hamas caught stealing again

The UN aid agency in Gaza has announced that it has suspended all aid shipments, accusing Hamas of seizing supplies of food. The shipment consisted of ten lorries carrying flour and rice, which were taken from the Palestinian side of … Continue reading

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Israel responds to constant mortar attacks from inside of Gaza

  An Israeli air strike on Wednesday has successfully hit an Hamas controlled post where rockets are being constantly fired into Israeli territory. Despite the bleating about the alleged “oppression” of Palestinians, there is in fact very little evidence to … Continue reading

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Lebanese troops fire on IAF jets – are we heading towards another war?

  Officials: Lebanese troops fired on IAF jets – Israel News, Ynetnews I bet the MSM will remain quiet over the fact that Lebanese troops, (probably ones not loyal to the government but to Nasrallah) fired upon Israeli aircraft doing … Continue reading

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Islamic Revisionism at its worst – comment taken from Dhimmi Watch

Assalamau Laikum all, You all know that stories in Koran & bible are similar but end in different ways. Via the glorious Koran, Muslims know that Abrahim & Moses, & Noah , Jesus were all muslims…but someone (Christian probably) somewhere … Continue reading

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Has Israel breached the conventions on a just war?

This is a vexing question for any part-time political pundit. Where does one start in understanding what is meant by a just war? How does one go about determining which side is behaving in a way that brings blame and … Continue reading

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Neville Chamberlain redux

It is difficult being a middle of the road commentator, because one ends up being attacked by people on the right as well as those who are on the left. At the present time though, one has to wonder how … Continue reading

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Iran warns the west: ignore us at your peril

The perpetrators of the current Middle East conflict have issued a warning to the rest of the world: “Ignore us at your own risk“. The Iranians are miffed because they have been excluded from the peace talks in Rome. Yet, … Continue reading

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