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missing weapons? Do I believe HRW? NO!!

There is a real need to question anything that comes from Human Rights Watch. This is because that organization has an agenda that is definitely defined as left wing. As a group they seem to be all over the place… … Continue reading

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Abu Salim Prison – the key to the Libyan revolution

Yesterday was the Catholic Justice Sunday. Whilst I was unimpressed with the emphasis on criminals placed in prison, I did feel that much more could be said about the plight of political prisoners, because these are the men and women … Continue reading

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Please be realistic

Some people cannot comprehend that it is possible to have a Muslim government that has at its base Sharia law, but is in fact a moderate government. Instead of being happy for the Libyan people because they have managed to … Continue reading

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Khamis the cat

There had been some very credible reports indicating that Khamis Gadhafi had been killed outside of Bani Walid, more than 2 weeks ago. These reports had indicated that he had been buried!!  It was believed that he was inside an … Continue reading

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Explosive news

To be upfront here I have to say that I do not like or trust Human Rights Watch. I believe that they have an agenda that is not compatible with the free world. However, what they have uncovered in the … Continue reading

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How Islamists could be disruptive in Libya

I became aware of the situation in Libya before it actually broke out. There was something in a news report about a top Libyan, (it could have been Gadhafi) returning home suddenly when on a trip to other African nations … Continue reading

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I did not understand the rendition policy until now

Although I am suspicious of Human Rights Watch because it appears to be a very left-wing organization, I am still shocked over the details that they have revealed about the policy of rendition that was carried out in the aftermath … Continue reading

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