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Thwarting Terrorism the English way–Proactive vs. Reactive pt. 3

In the UK twelve people from different ethnic backgrounds were arrested on the grounds that they were planning a terrorist strike. You can read about the story here. The potential targets included: the American Embassy; Big Ben; Westminster Abbey; the … Continue reading

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How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

CNN reports that 11 would be terrorists have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Belgium. Were these would be terrorists caught as they went through security at some obscure airport in the USA? No!!!  The TSA has not … Continue reading

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Murder-suicide attack in Pakistan

Pakistani Pressure-Cooker By Aaron Mannes Assuming Pakistani police reports are accurate (a big if) that the attack on returning former Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto’s convoy was not a car-bomb but a suicide bomber, it would be the deadliest attack by … Continue reading

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