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Syria – the key to understanding the Middle East

The crisis in Syria has been raging for more than 16 months, and it is still a toss up about how this will end. The problem that I have with the Syrian situation is that I have not fully understood … Continue reading

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Yemen, Syria and Libya

Always keep in mind that I remain suspicious of those who are behind the protests, however, there is another more important principle at play – human rights and the right to freedom of speech, which in turn means the right … Continue reading

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Syria – why we must speak up and why the UN must condemn the Assad regime

Just like Moammar Gadhafi, the President of Syria and his regime cannot be believed. The situation in Syria started off slowly but is now every bit as bad as the situation that existed in Libya at the point where the … Continue reading

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Syria – what is the truth?

The Syrian authority is about to launch a massive┬áraid against the town of Jisr al-Shughur, claiming that 120 police were killed at the hands of “armed gangs” in the town. However, in Syria, and in Libya these “armed gangs” are … Continue reading

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Syria – the situation for citizens is getting worse

Since I cannot totally trust the LSM when it comes to accurately reporting who is behind the protests, I have to take them at their word regarding Syria. I do not know if these people are Islamists. I know virtually … Continue reading

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Syria – we should not be silent

I am a Catholic. I believe that it is necessary to look beyond religion when it comes to basic human rights in countries┬áthat are not Christian. I believe that there are times when it is necessary to speak out against … Continue reading

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Yemen – civil war beckons

The Yemeni President, Saleh survived an attack at the Presidential palace. A number of government officials were wounded – some of them critically. The imam who was doing his thing at the mosque inside the compound was one of the … Continue reading

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