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Syrian authorities attempt to whitewash death of Hamza

Call me a person who is very cynical when it comes to the propaganda that comes from any Middle East regime. The parents of Hamza said that he had marks on his body that indicate that he was tortured and … Continue reading

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Turkey probes Richard Dawkin’s "God delusion"

Now this is an extremely interesting twist with regard to Islamic style probes, because it is the Turkish authorities who are examining Richard Dawkin’s book on the grounds of the possibility that the book is an attack on religious values. … Continue reading

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Pulling the strings of the Dhimmicrats

I have to admit that Dr. Sanity never ceases to amaze when it comes to some of the really great articles that she finds, and this one is no exception. Now I am not an American, but that does not … Continue reading

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South Korean hostages told ‘convert or die’

Da’wa: the intensive course. “Some kidnappers threatened us with death at gunpoint to force us to follow them in chanting their Islamic prayer for conversion.” More on this story. “S Koreans told ‘convert or die,’” from the BBC (thanks to … Continue reading

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"Many U.S. Muslim groups viewed as moderate by the Justice Department and other government agencies secretly are linked to the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood”

At last the truth — the truth we have repeated here for years — is coming out. “Inside the Ring,” by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times (thanks to Matthew): The international Sunni jihadist group Muslim Brotherhood set up numerous … Continue reading

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