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Subtle Shift or Head Fake? CNN Actually Airs Statements Which Support Officer Darren Wilson

As usual the treehouse is right on the latest developments in this case. I suggest taking the time to read the various comments. Will there be a sudden shift away from the now discredited narrative? The release of information stating … Continue reading

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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 28: Audio Evidence and Deadly Force

Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor:
One of the most venerable lawyer’s aphorisms goes something like this: If the facts and the law are against you, attack the police. This is almost exclusively the province of defense lawyers as it…

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Syria: Libya to the rescue?

Confusion continues to reign in the Middle East and North Africa. The latest from Egypt in my view is very unwelcome news. However, what about the war that is raging in Syria? Judging from the latest of the defections, the … Continue reading

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The good news and the bad news

It is so very difficult trying to fathom Syria because there are so many players. If and when the opposition wins the battle against Bashar al-Assad it is unlikely that Syria will be under the control of the Iranians, especially … Continue reading

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More Red Flags where Syria is concerned

In expressing my doubts about the Syrian civil war that is now raging, I have consistently expressed a lack of knowledge about those who started the protests in the first place as well as doubts about the Syrian opposition to … Continue reading

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Assad Regime uses the Gadhafi form of propaganda

Whilst it is in fact true that there are foreigners in Syria, (I do think that this could have been avoided), the allegations within a letter sent to the UN is patently false. Assad is now using the same kind … Continue reading

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Why I believe that the Libyan experience is not the same as Egypt

The Arab Spring as it is known began in Tunisia when a young man torched himself over an issue relating to the sale of food. The real story in Tunisia was a people fed up with the corruption and the … Continue reading

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Now that the battle for Tripoli is almost over, there will be much in the way of analysis regarding what could happen in the future. Since I am not a political analyst, I am not going to enter into the … Continue reading

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How does one explain the evil act that took place in Norway?

Alice Miller the psycho-analyst in one of her books attempted to explain the evil associated with Adolf Hitler. Her conclusion was that Hitler was playing out his early life on the world stage. In my mind I have no doubt … Continue reading

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Placing the bits of the jigsaw puzzle

What is the truth about the resistance in Libya? Who are they ? Are they Salafists? Why is there so much resentment towards Moamar Qadhafi? Today I spent a little bit of time doing an Internet research, and keeping in … Continue reading

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