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Yemen, Syria and Libya

Always keep in mind that I remain suspicious of those who are behind the protests, however, there is another more important principle at play – human rights and the right to freedom of speech, which in turn means the right … Continue reading

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Counting chickens

A few days ago, Saleh the embattled President of Yemen, was injured when an unknown assailant fired upon the Presidential palace. His injuries required medical treatment and he has departed to Saudi Arabia for the necessary operations to treat his … Continue reading

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Yemen turns tribal, defections continue in Libya, more deaths in Syria

In Yemen a major tribal leader has turned against Saleh, this is a new situation with renewed fighting, and with people fleeing for their lives: • Fighters loyal to Sadeq al-Ahmar, the tribal leader who this week turned against Yemeni … Continue reading

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Yemen and Libya – the latest update

The UK Guardian continues its live updates covering the Middle East. It has two major stories. In the first, regarding Yemen, there has been an escalation in the conflict with the Saleh government hitting an opposition TV station with RPG … Continue reading

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