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Why did they think that this would not happen?

Well it is no surprise that the Islamists in Egypt have begun to show their true intentions. Reuters reports that more than 30 groups pulled out of Friday’s rally at Tahrir square because it was being dominated by Islamists. It … Continue reading

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Who killed General Younes?

This is a somewhat searching question, because it goes to the heart of some of the difficulties that will be faced by the National Transitional Council as well as the newly formed nation of Libya when Gadhafi is finally given … Continue reading

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Not Trusted – Tribal difficulties hinders Libyan revolution

News has been received that General Abdel Younes, the former Interior Minister and close friend of Moammar Ghadafi has been killed in mysterious circumstances. From what I have been gleaning from the LSM reports, there had always been tension between … Continue reading

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How does one explain the evil act that took place in Norway?

Alice Miller the psycho-analyst in one of her books attempted to explain the evil associated with Adolf Hitler. Her conclusion was that Hitler was playing out his early life on the world stage. In my mind I have no doubt … Continue reading

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Libya – Did you know that Iran was backing Gadhafi?

I saw this article at the American Thinker, which indicates that Western intelligence has learned that the stink of the Grand Pooh-Bah (Grand Satan) Khamenei has been stirring the pot in Libya. He is backing Gadhafi. Thanks to the stupidity … Continue reading

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Cutting through all of the bullshit…. er… mushroom fodder

The propaganda that comes from Libya makes it very difficult to discern the truth. I am not talking so much about the revolutionaries, as I am about the Daffy Duck regime. For the time being there has been a lull … Continue reading

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African Union in the pay of Gadhafi

The latest in the news is that the African Union has come out stating that they will disregard the ICC arrest warrants. This is a statement that stinks to high heaven. According to, the AU states that the ICC … Continue reading

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what a pathetic little man – issuing threats to Europe

Is there no end to the propaganda, the lies, and the petulance of Moamar Gadhafi?  The BBC news service has the latest on this pathetic little man’s diatribe. He is now threatening Europe. He is so narcissistic that he continues … Continue reading

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Placing the bits of the jigsaw puzzle

What is the truth about the resistance in Libya? Who are they ? Are they Salafists? Why is there so much resentment towards Moamar Qadhafi? Today I spent a little bit of time doing an Internet research, and keeping in … Continue reading

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A connection to the 2nd World War – Libya

Australia, Britain, India – servicemen from these countries know all about Tobruk, and are famed for the “Rats of Tobruk”. To encapsulate on the Libyan campaigns, the most famous names are Montgomery, Wavell and Rommel. At this point Libya was … Continue reading

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