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These idiots always take it so personally

The latest is an uproar because a Professor of Genetics and medicine pointed out the truth – that when first cousins marry there is a very real risk of genetic problems being passed down through the family. The Pakistanis in … Continue reading

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ultra-left wing former French Foreign Minister proves he is a real Richard Cranium

Roland Dumas, the former French Foreign Minister under the ultra left wing Francois Mitterand has paid a visit to Tripoli. He has backed Gadhafi and even goes along with the outrageous claims made by the Libyan government that there have … Continue reading

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You can run, but you cannot hide

According to the latest information from MI6 Moammar Gadhafi is paranoid and on the run within Tripoli. They claim that he has been hiding in hospitals each night. He is apparently afraid that his own military¬†will attempt to assassinate him. … Continue reading

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Egyptian military council keep their promise

This story is a very rare situation. It is extraordinarily difficult to believe any Muslim who would proclaim some of the comments in the article. It seems to be contrary to their Koran, the Hadiths and the Sunnah. However, the … Continue reading

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Yemen and Libya – the latest update

The UK Guardian continues its live updates covering the Middle East. It has two major stories. In the first, regarding Yemen, there has been an escalation in the conflict with the Saleh government hitting an opposition TV station with RPG … Continue reading

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Syria – why we should be protesting the crackdown

I do not care to hear people going on about how these are Muslims and let them kill each other. That kind of attitude goes against the grain because it is un-Christian. I felt the same way about the crackdown … Continue reading

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Libya update

There is not a lot to tell regarding the outcome of current NATO action. However, there are some possible interesting developments (if they are not propaganda). First of all, France is readying to use attack helicopters in Libya. Britain is … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka turns down cricket invite from Pakistan

In 2009, an unknown group attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, killing 7 people and injuring cricket team members. The Sri Lankans will no longer play cricket in Pakistan and have demanded that an alternative venue, such as … Continue reading

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Distinguishing between the propaganda – NATO vs Libya

NATO is continuing strikes on military targets in Tripoli in an effort to force Moammer Gadhafi from power. The latest strikes hit a military barrack that was clost to the Gadhafi compound. Three residents were struck by missile fragments and … Continue reading

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Libya’s ambassador in Germany distances himself from the regime

Der Spiegel reports that the Libyan Ambassador to Germany has distanced himself from the regime. You can read the interview here.

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